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Adobe Premiere Pro CC Multilingual (x64)

Premiere Pro CC. Create visually stunning video almost anywhere. Leading video production toolset now targeted work to connect desktop and mobile application that provides a way for his creative resources, and, therefore, create dezakezukolore living, professional productions that are in place.

This is the most colorful Premiere Pro.

The fastest and most effective linear Video Editor, today dedicated the first intuition Lumet offer bojuPanelcolor and brightness, plus morph Cut Pass which allows the manipulatzekoazkar imagine the strangest scene Talking Head. In addition, applications are designed to move the Final Cut or Avid, the general task of the panel, including keyboard shortcuts to help you and offer dozens of different functions.

Premiere Pro CreativeSinc edononsa access to all resources.

Adobe CreativeSinc content-to-date and at your fingertips, desktop, Web and mobile applications, everything you need. outomatiessinchronisatiesizgledašthat is, graphics, Adobe Stock funds, institutions, meta-data and more. Also, your Creative Cloud Library, giving you instant access to your funds directly from their favorite Premiere Pro. With CreativeSinc, your project can start an application on any device you pick up where you left off and he ended up on the desktop.

Millions of high-quality images. Right in Premiere Pro.

Find perfektuaargazkia or image, and start your next project and make amazing. there noviAdobeservice, as well as 40 million Roialto-Free resources are available in Premiere Pro CC as consisting of a few clicks. I Creative Cloud members a special discount price of 40% zaitezAdobe these conditions, added to its membership. The best value in the industry.

What’s new in Adobe Premiere Pro CC:

Edit while imports

Edit images in virtually any format, through the transfer of your media in the background. When he did, Premiere Pro freekopiatu medijevaš camera switches.

improvestability prestasieen

Apply more real-time effects and reduce dropped frames every device Apple Metal and H264 hardware decoding (Windows AMD Iris) initial support.

Brown easier

HSL Lumet new medium of the Color tool, you can isolate and color, to improve white balance, and adjust the fine shade. Apply a setting on the new SpeedLooks.

Time-saving shortcuts

by changes in the personal navigation keys prečicana work faster and on timezoomindividuele kanpolerroan. special effects are used to quickly remove the effects of new orders.

Virtual reality video support

VR video mode, you can control both horizontally and vertically, using the experience of the viewer’s point of view, review.

registration open

Continue to open up the address in the Address screen gisa.orain the user to choose between open and closed captions, titles, fonts, color, size and position to choose.


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  1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 32/64 Bit Download
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