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Avast! Pro Antivirus / Internet Security / Premier 2016

The most advanced security suite adds in addition to antivirus, firewall and data military-grade Home Network Security and crush the automatic software updates. Avast! Only the most trusted name in antivirus activelyprotect more than 200 million PCs, Macs, and Androids.

PC antivirus, and system security:

Smart antivirus

It differs in a wide range of the terrible danger of malware infection. Yes, even iSpyware, phishing attacks Ransomwareund.

Cyber ​​detection NEW

An individual identification in progressrisk. Sends unknown risk plates laboratories Avast for broke by our specialists and to isolate the off chance that they are unsafe.

Home Security System

If you turn off your set of dangers? We will notify you. Elsewhere, someone maydomestic system, and everything associated with it pause.

savvy swing

A definite help. Check your computer iSistem for a wide range of topics einfachenJiffy.


Ubout front of your way to keep criminals out of your home, so why your computer does not discriminate?Firewall protects you from various intruders.

program for cleaning

Throwing mosaic tools, accessories and augmentations that without seeing and introduce without your permission.


Always download slab of gray Server and suspects symptoms? Inspection records begina fixed space with it, and all have what bleibtIhren computer.


buitensporigtal passwords, none of them protected? It’s really easy. Remember, only one, and passwords Avast will do the rest.

Preventive measures:

Automatic Software Update

The web is loaded withwide wizard in the most efficient way for adventure security problems in legacy programming. The key is faster than programeri.Se course.

information shredder

Do you share your computer, they are repaired, or is it to provide? It is not hard deleted data recupererendiejust as it was. Wipe it off forever.

SAFE deadlines and keeping the money:


Switch your settings can be changed in order to communicate with a fake website. Why? So developers can keep your money subtle elements. SecureDNS keeps your Internet-savingmoney is safe.


spam is just a nuisance. It can be dangerous, too. Cook keeps you and your money safe from threats such as identity theft.

SafeZone new program

A better solution for scanning, bank and shop. Eensuite with devices which provideadditional insurance available, to find out why SafeZone is a secure browser in the world.

What’s New


compatibility issues with just / Ubuntu subsystem (PICO processes) update Win10 anniversary

FW pogreshnoprofilot toaster

properly recognized in WSC Avast after youupgrade to Windows Update anniversary



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