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DimScreen small application to easily change screen brightness. The computer was achieved thanks to two countries (Fn and active); It’s in the computer, such as music, where it does not work, or, DimScreen, to prove his ability. Because it does not require installation, operation DimScreen can live in anyfolder, for example, home folder. Right-click the message to open the options menu, cerahAda ten different levels. To help you find the icon, DimScreen turns avtomatychnodiysno convenient menu Keyboard .. They are configurable in the settings menu. They replace functionkomputer.Juga, DimScreen offers a choice of light will be activated at startup.

  1. DimScreen 1 1 64 Bit +Portable Free Download
  2. DimScreen 1 1 Free Download
  3. DimScreen 1 1 download free +Serial

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