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Hypercam is an application that allows you to capture video from space to make a screencast in desktop.Ako’ve computer shows you ever desired allows people to do something or just video, what happens on the screen, you Will need a screen capture tool such as Hypercam. Just install the application and you can start recording a part or the action on the screen. Recording and playback buttonsHypercam interface can make it over the configurableActivate keyboard. On this basis, whatever you want, you can watch video and mark mouse clicks on Flash-recorded video.Dokato Hypercam does not specify what it says it is not a program is very well designed. You can find that the video recording was played for no reason With double speed. Devices record is unreliable – Windows 7 system we can record sound from music player, video file browser or video. We also found Hypercam a littleUnstable, and were disappointed that the installation process the app folder podrazbiranene default project files.Ima Tools for better makesScreen around Fraps, modern design and better. Hypercam basic application is a real requirement for the new!

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