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Kung Fu YogaChinese professor of archeology, Daniel, and in chariots, and ashmit Kyra, Professor of India, in order to the treasure of Magadha lost. Tibet holes in the ice on his case, where the plots of the rebel army leader, P. road DUBAI mines for diamonds were auctioned ice. Randall they shall hunt them, the team at the Jack and the mountain of the temple in India, do not wait for the help of a real diamond chavepara to open the treasure.

Language: Cantonese


General Release Date: December 26,2017

Genre: Rock / Adventure / Opera

Duration: No

Distributor: Why GSC

Cast: Jackie Chan, Aarif Rahman, the laity, Shang Yuxian, Sonu Sood, Amyris Dastur

Director: Paul Tong

Format: 2D

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