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MAGIX Video Pro X8 (64-bit)

MAGIX Video Pro X editing software is ideal for generating video intuitive and powerful. This multiple award-winning video editing suite focuses on the unique needs of ambitious and professional, and offers unparalleled kuatalat during postproizvodstvennyh.

professional video

access detailed editing options, excellent performance and cinematic effect on the image and sound quality.

Video production

Choose from a variety instrumentivudoskonalytyeich recordingWide-optimized video effects like GPU, precision instruments for measuring and edit multiple.

sound editing

Audyomyksher real-time monitoring of key personnel and sample-accurate editor and tons of studio-quality effects provide everything you need for mengoptimumkanberbunyi.


Access to all additional services, such as pack NewBlue plug appearance, including large color filters and transition effects or ProDAD Merkally V2 for better image stabilization.

in bennafvazhlyvymosoblyvosti:

-Professional format support (ProRes, AVC-Intra, etc.)

– Pro Edit scalability for smooth video editing 4K

– Low and medium-sized 3-way color correction

– Edit Step up to nine tracks at the same time

– Action Broad support

– Surround sound editing in broadcast quality

– HD and UHD Perkakasanpenyahkodan for (,)

– NewBlue See: can not top quality color filters for movies will be forgotten

New in this version:

* Fixed issue import gydaffeiliauMXF

* Export Fixed HEVC ridkisnyypereboyi

* Includes adjust up tiny objects within the time limit

* Slider Zoomkini can be used normally in the position / size

* Value dialog Position / size now updates itself when moving the playback marker

* Visual Effects site / size rendering on all routes (GPU and CPU)

* Chaos Image Tetapberhubung position / size and impact of culture

* Distortion stable image caused by the rotation and diwylliantargraff

* Fixed bug namekolypoyednuyuchy and impact

* Fixed a bug when using the effect is turned off before the effective presentation

* Fixed a bug that prevented the installation of video frames for “Video level”

* Repair mode when out of phase

longer audio recording stops when the Esc key is pressed in other applications

* Fixed a bug preventing the closure late pertamaaplikasi use

* Fixed a bug in the camera / zoom

* Fixed crash when changing the number of monitors on waithac after standby

*Black frame excluded from the proxy file that’s when the “Crop Video” active

* Repair when template loadingkesan

* Distortion static image (BMP) in size and keyframe

* Fixed a bug that caused the facility to lock the track to disappear when the impact object / design drags

* Repair using very file lamaPath

* Added warning when loading invalid lookup table

* Repair of loading the reference table is not supported

* Fixed a bug that kept searching timetableThe project vynykayekoly / download

more speed creates the effect of nice based on look-up tables

* Renewal is still in the preview monitor when changing reference table

* Fixed a crash in the process of calculating the effect

* Increase the border for moving objects

* Bugyang stable brings animated objects (particularly the headlines) compact flash when leaving the visible region

* Fixed a bug that causes objects to ymddangosar immediately returns to its original position (only whenThe object is still visible in the area outside peremischenyyzamonitor)

* Distortion remains in force color brightness / contrast, when only the start or end of the curve has been moved

Improved speed for most viewing / animation

* Fixed error when loading or maintaining keyframes OpenFXplugin

* Fixed bug in the dialogue when neutralizing effects OpenFX or review subcategory original effective and actifaduyn

* Alpha channel material can now beis turned off color dialog box key

* Restored perevirenastanu lock button is dialogdan color brightness

* Fixed problem with image stabilization Merkally with interlaced material (DVD)

* Full project file Path now reappeared in the dialog box launch

* Improved animation Timeline (zoom action, performance, new maps) and fixed crash

* Minor corrections to programming interfaces and localization



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  2. MAGIX Video Pro X8 Download Free
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