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About the game:

Humanity is in danger. The first attempt at human colonization and settlement crew could disappear. Squadron leader of the United Transport expert specialist search and crew home safely to planetThe Meridian.

MERIDIAN: 22 T-shirt sci-Fi strategies take real focus on building a single-player game tactics, basic and advanced. Every single option, decide tactics bakoitzaegiteko, its historical pattern.ofensivaruta or the defense? You may want to consider the lives of his crew, priority or compassion to sacrifice them to the top?

Tarsoly Ede, the developer behind theElder game Hexany audio, award winning team of sound design, will participate in the experience features no other control unparalelled 22 Squadron and the fate of the settlements in the history of the process model 10+ hours

vanquishDownload your enemies more than 100 Meridian’s mission in procedurally generated Planetaryconquista

Unit controls smooth, dynamic and water

Immersion in music for more than an hour

Led team of sound effectsthe fantastic sound design award

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