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OneDrive is client-work for Microsoft online store of the same name. It is a tool to smooth up to 25 GB of free space “in the cloud” is.

In other words, work as Dropbox OneDrive. It’s like a car online which allows you to store a file stored on your computer so you can access them from anywhere. Be flexible OneDrive provides additional Mac, iOS and Android aplikacje.Aby access files when you’re away from your computer, you can get a Windows Live account OneDrive, part of the Live familyWindows.

OneDrive is very easy to use. After you install it on your computer, it will create a folder called OneDrive system. This folder is shared, so that a copy of all the parts that have a chance here. It comes with several designs documents, so the system can capture easy, but it’s very, very easy. After the documents in the folder are available from any computer kuingiaOneDrive your account.

OneDrive offers a generous amount of online storage and better integration with Windows Live. These factors makeup pretty powerful tool. There really is no way, “Configuration”, so to speak, but if you want to access your account OneDrive DOPC (from another computer), you need to get a special code. On the post office, this is a simple remote control operations are easily done.

Please note that the rate OneDrive offers 7 GB of space disk.Kama already have a OneDrive user, and access to 25 GB, which can turn OneDrive Microsoft Live account. It is very fast and takes dosłowniejedno click.

inversion 17, Microsoft added selective sync so you can select the file you want to sync instead of balancing each OneDrive folder. This leads to the acceleration of SkyDrive opOm competitors such as Dropbox and Box.

OneDrive overall is a great app. It’s clean, rahisikutumia and fast, and also provide 25 GB of free online miejscaMagazyn.

  1. Microsoft OneDrive 17 Download
  2. Microsoft OneDrive 17 Download
  3. Microsoft OneDrive 17 Download

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