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Nitro PDF Reader is an easy-to-use PDF editor that covers all the basic tasks most people do every day with PDF documents.

With Nitro PDF Reader you can not only read PDF files on your computer, but also edit them in several ways: You can provide information on PDF documents, insert notes, and highlight, cross out or underline certain texts. Plus Nitro PDF Readerlets You extract all images in PDF or save all text in PDF to plain text,Delete all formats and paggawam that are easy to edit.

Another good feature in Nitro PDF Reader is a virtual printer, which you can convert to a PDF document as long as the application you use to open it has the ability to print. All you need to check the Print option and select Nitro PDF printer.

Nitro PDF Reader has a well-designed interface that makes this program fun to use. Plus program seems to have solved a problem that affects the maagabersyon that is notStable, so there’s really no reason why you should not try it!

Nitro PDF Reader is a full-featuredPDF reader with annotation tools, image and text extracters and specialized tools for converting documents into PDFs.



QuickSign is now easier thanks to an intuitive guide for creating QuickSign profiles

The PDF version can be selected when the document must meet certain standards (PDF ,,


Crash reporters can submit PDF files for testing and engineering teams forImmediately determine

Causes an accident

The enhanced installer is optimized and completes the installation in two lower stages

WindowsVista / 7 file browser is used as the original file explorer to search and open files

Problem solved

The print settings do not resize the Comments on the type of unit

Changing Unit and Grid preferences

Printing Outlook calendars creates PDF files with the wrong colors for days marked as migrants


Unicode characters are notDisplayed correctly on the Nitros document tab

PowerPoint links in text boxes and grouped with other elements are simply ignored

Convert Link is enabled

Mouse-over Show comments above kaliwangcorner regardless of mouse pointer location

Special bug rabbit fixed in this release

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