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Planescape: torment: Extended Edition (with) Beamdog

Release Date: 03/2017 Protection: Steam

Discs: 1 Genre: Adventure

The original Planescape: torment was launched in 1999. The wide

critical applause. Winning RPG of the year for several stores

His argument unconventional characters and incriblebanda sound. how

So millions of Planescape: torment fans enjoyed studying

strange and dangerous city, near the aircraft’s secrets

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Burn or mount the .iso

Install and run

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Game Block ex in your firewall to prevent the game

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If you leave your games Systemdrive, it may be necessary

to run the game with administrator privileges instead

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Planescape: Torment – Enhanced Edition

Release Date: 11 April 2017

gender /Tags: RPG, isometric 2D, the game based on real-time Pausable

Developer: Black Isle Studios, Beamdog

Editor: Beamdog

Platform: PC

Engine: Infinity Engine

Steam Rating: 90% positive reviews of users (based on 43 reviews)

idiomaInterface: English, German, Polish, French, Korean

audio languages: English, German, Polish, French

Slot: Built (Codex)

Minimum requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 10

Processor: 1 GHz

RAM: 512 MB

Video card:OpenGL compatible


HDDEspazo: 2 GB

Images – click to enlarge If you can not see screens – disable AdBlock


The original Planescape: torture were launched in 1999 and is widely recognized. RPG year earned some points for its unconventional plot, characters and incredible soundtrack. CDesde then, millions of Planescape: torment fans loved to explore strange and dangerous city and the secrecy surrounding cherezddienwllygaid An aircraft.

Find the story of an atmosphereincredibly rich and unique unlike anything else in the imagination. The defeat of the strange and exotic creatures, participarrico in dialogue and seek dangerous dark environments and a classic RPG Planescape 50+ hours.

This Planescape: torment, as never seen before.


Better Planescape: Chris Avellone, lead designer on Planescape torment, in collaboration with Beamdog updated ispravlenieispravleny Vicario gameplay improvements to better capture their vision wreiddiolar for the game.

expectedflat: Planescape place you have never experienced before, full of strange, strange enemies magic, and Dungeons Dragons places around the multiverse.

Negotiations Remember: Meeting desexableelementos, live rats and philosophical Hivemind walks strange aircraft collections have seen an RPG allies.

Choose your path: Character creation is only the beginning. anonimnyyOdin change your class, alignment, and even earning opportunities newyddyn based on their preferences.

m├║sicaremasterizadaFull Planescape: torment soundtrack was remastered in the game to add more depth and secrecy of the multiverse.

4K Interface: secret never looked good here! Interface Planescape: torture were reconstructed in high resolution with a ton of new convenience features.

ParaHoxe Planescape: Expanded Edition includes features such as backlighting sovremennymVkladka, the waves in the area, the registration of combat, quickloot, and more!

Play It Your Way: Turn editing features Estynedigwrthyou want on or off, to check Planescape: torment in its original glory.

casting entenderIdiomas: Planescape: torment: Enhanced Edition is available in English, French, Polish, German and Korean. Note: Text Translation Korean only play with sound in the English language.

block functions

Based on ISO Release: (1487175680 bytes)

100% lossless MD5Sovershenny: Cadaficheiro source after installation

NOT torn, recoded

file size slightly smaller(Pressed from GB)

Installation takes 1-2 minutes

In the adaptation of verification accuracy, so you can make sure that everything is set up correctly

hard disk space after installation: 2 GB

reembalarpZlib use the library in Razor12911

Repack by FitGirl

Problems during installation?

Read the troubleshooting guide can make a backup

  1. Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition CODEX Download Free
  2. Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition CODEX download
  3. Planescape Torment Enhanced Edition CODEX Download Free

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