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Sopcast is an app that lets you watch online TV channels and send yours. Using peer technology (P2P), so you do not need much bandwidth or servera.Lepota streaming via P2P networks that anyone can send something that is incredible broadcast emacratychnymsreda. Both of the above programs are still good examples of the technology in action SopCast (so called because «SoP» is an acronym for “streaming via P2P”), probably even better because omogućavada easily accesses their own channelsBroadcasting.

Simple installation

UaposhniSopCast release, almost no visible changes to the interface, so it is still very easy to use. When installing, you are asked if you want to install a search bar, you can cancel it by clicking on the check-bye. When you run SopCast, you have mozhatseuvayditse or anonymous, or if you intend to create a channel, create an account with the help of wage labor relations. Upon entering the SopCastSystem, click on the Live Channels tabs so that you can view the channel ads. The first thing you will notice a number of channels to choose from. NyaIsnue absoluuthier everything from unknown Chinese channels in his portfolio, such as the Discovery Channel (though, again, you’ll find many programs either synced or subtitled in Chinese). Some of SopCast channels are organized, for example, news and sports, but these categories can be bytsnenadeynyyaen among you, jednostavnoneobjašnjivo.

TVExtendable screen

Sopcast channel window to jump out of the players, but you can expand to full screen or export to Windows Media Player, on the panel with vision controls. Getasapravdy separates SopCast from the rest of applications P2P TV Streaming. If you want to go to another media player (eg VLC Player), you can do this by clicking the Options button at the bottom of the main interface.

Send their programs

Sopcastgalovnaya draw, but, and so muchOf the channels can look like an unreadable mess, it’s the fat to broadcast your own channel on it. If the program is recorded, edited and uploaded on your computer, all you have to do is stream through SopCast and select address servered people can connect and watch

The quality depends on other users

QualitySopCastće broadcast is largely dependent on the number of people connected (the more users there are, the faster the video stream). You canEven your own pryvatnykanal and decide what users can view by creating a network group, allowing you to run your own TV channel in SopCast.


Sopcast might look a little confusing for novice users, but despite the names of Kitayskiya channels, it offers a whole new world of watching television. That thread, it gives you the chance to start their own channel!


Fix bug in MiSop, which will lead to the collapse of the customer.

Fixed a bug that the channelsStill have no idea about some staryhkamputary

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