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Transmission-Qt is the official Windows port to the popular BitTorrent client for Mac box. And like the Mac version, its simple, fast and very easy kutumia.interface at the box-Qt is clean and bright. You can set different priority levels for rivers and setting speed limits, after prostuPo clicking on the icon turtle under ideal interface to control the amount of bandwidth to transmit and downloads.Tranmission-Qt lets you filter the list mujibukwa torrent, seeds,Shake and more. klientToy can zorganizowaćtransfery command queue, date added, and the name of the process, but also allows the labels, filter and streams and segments, and the total activity to solve. Transmission-Qt supports data encryption, and if you prefer your transfer stay binafsi.Shukranijej elegant appearance, Transmission-Qt will be able to show all the necessary information without actually seemed to be crowded. On the other hand, they do not provide as many you can find in other similar katikaprogramu as uTorrent.Pamoja and lipsafigurite above Transmission-Qt is fast, intuitive and highly functional BitTorrent client.

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