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VeChat the popular free messaging service available on mobile computers, and now on Windows. The desktop version allows you to speak and share files just like a mobile version.

Connecting via mobile rahunkuSchob VeChat use, you must register nalogVašCell phone number. This version of Windows is ideal for mobile applications. To register, you can simply download the application to your mobile device, enter your phone number and enter the potvrdavidpravki.Nadannia dodatkivdo access to contactsomogućavada see who is already using VeChat. To use a version of Windows, you need to open the application on mobile devices and capture KR code that appears on the screen. Once you have completed. VeChat for Windows, open, look and feel very similar, which is mobilerodich.Funktsionalne ChatzVeChat basic applications, you can chat with your contacts from your PC, and receive notifications when someone contact you. You can also send files. Download files can dapovekje useful than on Windows, mobile devices (especially if you are aIOS) možeteupload-any type of file you want, because VeChat.VeChat quite simple. In addition to text chat and file transfer, you can post a screenshot and smiles. ekranotPa tools automatically cut around the window move the mouse. Where VeChat izadruge applications such asSkype or Facebook Messenger is the lack of video or voice chatu.Zalishaitesia connected without telefonuVeChat for Windows, this is a welcome addition to mobile applications, but note dekakje mozhetevikoristovuvati without his mobile account. However, it is useful if you wantto stay in touch without looking at your phone!

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