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ZenMate proxy Enable plug-in for Chrome and Firefox, which does not require any knowledge of the transition proxy. ZenMate encrypts and sends internet traffic through a proxy server in another country, so you can surf the internet with more privacy. It also avoids thegeographical restrictions, you can view the content, it would otherwise be blocked in your area.

Great attention to privacy and speed

ZenMatešifruje traffic and hiding your IP enrutamentoLo from across the country of your choice. This not only protects your cruise,but also allows you to access content that would otherwise nyabuduts available in your area. Your data is also under pressure, which means that the surfing speed surprisingly quickly switch the proxy. Streaming video can be a little slow, but the disadvantage is compensatedthat you can view the content, blokiranizvan their region.

If you want to vykarystovvatspaslug such as Hulu, Netflix and Pandora from the pain, and then ZenMate does an excellent job. As for what can actually protect your privacy, it can not be guaranteed, or ZenMate claimthat privacy issues very seriously. However, it requires your email address and set up.

velmiprosty to setup and use

Večka set Zenmate, simply enter your email address and activate it. No sign up or enter the activation code,although the question of servizokue hard POV an anonymous e-mail address is required.

The status bar remains ZenMateverhni right corner of Chrome and turns green if you are protected. To control it, simply click on the green štitu.Ono, what is really good about is the ability ZenMateinstantly switch between the two countries. By default, Internet traffic is routed through Switzerland, or you can zmyanitsv UK, Hong Kong, the United States or Germany lawyer immediately.

On the other hand, not so much with the support of proxy ZenMate country – although it is likely that more thanThey will be added as it develops.

prekidačproksi simple and effective

With Hello Unblocker, ZenMate is one of the best additions proksitam.

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